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Corona Mandela - Art Project

We have a fantastic opportunity for all students and staff to get involved in an exciting art project when we are back to school in September.

We will be working with our friend and Liverpool based international artist Faith Bebbington on producing a MANDALA that will be displayed within the school grounds. 


What is a Mandala? 

The Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, representing the universe. "Mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". The circular designs symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected. Mandalas also relate to the idea of transformation and healing.

 CLICK HERE to listen to Faith as she tells you about the project and READ HERE even more useful information about Faith and the amazing work she has created including some fabulous Mandelas.

How can you get involved?

We need you to collect over the summer: plastic milk bottles, soft drinks bottles, crisp packets, plastic packaging, old plastic items e.g. small toys. 

(Make sure you wash the bottles before bringing them into school please)

So go on....get collecting and we can't wait to see you and your contributions in September so we can get started!