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Reading survey

As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our students, we are doing all that we can to promote reading for pleasure. Reading has a significant number of benefits: it can help with our mental health and well-being and reduce stress levels. Research by the OECD suggests that children who read regularly are more likely to be successful and happy throughout their lives. Now more than ever, being able to escape into the pages of a book may be just the distraction that our students need to help them navigate through this period away from school.

To enable us to best support our students, we would really value feedback on their current attitude to reading and their reading habits (or lack of them!) We are realistic: the lure of social media, smartphones and gaming may mean that reading may be a less attractive prospect on their “to-do” list for some students. This means that gaining an insight into the amount and type of reading that all students do will be invaluable, to help us to best encourage and motivate them to read more. We would appreciate it if you would take 10 minutes to complete the parent survey being sent out today to allow us to form an accurate picture. 

Please see the survey here: Reading Survey for Parents

In addition to this, please encourage your children to complete the student survey which will be sent out this week via student email, discussing the same topic. Could you please ensure that all completed surveys are submitted by Friday 15th May.

Thank you,

Mr S Martin 
Assistant Faculty Leader: English