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Year 12 Business Students take a trip back in time

Students had a surprise waiting for them on arrival to their Business lesson yesterday. They found something most had never seen or heard before: a fully working vinyl record player playing the hits from the 1980s!

For a generation who have been brought up with a music industry dominated by iTunes and music streaming sites, it was certainly a new experience for the Business students. In addition, pupils were privileged to have the opportunity to take a look at an authentic and original portable HMV gramophone dating back nearly 100 years.

The reason behind this “history” lesson is related to the controlled assessment they are sitting next week. Unit 2 of the BTEC National Extended Certificate in Business requires students to develop a marketing campaign for a given business. This year the exam board have selected a vinyl record shop as the focus for the campaign. For the past couple of weeks’ students have been busy researching the recent resurgence in the vinyl records market and finding out about the size, structure, trends and competitors. It has really captivated their attention and their independent research preparations have been excellent. Wishing them all well for the assessment next week.

Thanks to Miss Moss for bringing in her modern turntable and cherished 80s vinyl albums and Mrs Carroll for allowing us to look her much treasured gramophone belonging to her grandfather.

Miss Maddock