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At Childwall Sports and Science Academy, our policy for behaviour involves everyone – pupils, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents and governors. It is a primary aim of Childwall that every member of our community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly within a climate of mutual trust and respect.

VIVO Rewards

Vivo Rewards is an online Rewards System for all students known. The system allows teachers to award VIVOS (electronic points) from a range of categories eg: good effort, behaviour, homework, extra-curricular activities etc.

Your child can save and spend their VIVOS on the rewards they want from an online catalogue in the VIVO shop. Your child has now received their welcome pack which includes their own unique username and password and a personalised vivo rewards card so they can check their VIVO balance by logging onto their account through the website at

You as parents will also receive your own unique login in order to access your child’s reward balance, see where he/she is earning points and make your own personal treats pledge based on the number of VIVOS earned at school. Watch this space!


What could my child be awarded Vivos for?
Vivos will be awarded by teachers for achievements and good behaviour in lessons. Vivos will also be awarded for success in inter-house competitions.

What kinds of products can my child redeem their Vivos against?
The online rewards catalogue contains a wide-range of pre-approved products including top-up credit, cinema tickets, high-street gift vouchers, school and sports equipment, as well as charity donations.

How will my child receive their rewards?
All products ordered will be delivered to your child at the school and handed out during form periods or the school's achiever assemblies. Larger items will be despatched in the form of a product specific voucher which your child will need to take to an Argos store to claim their prize.

How can my child access their Vivo account?
Your child will be given a welcome letter with their unique username and password which they will need to enter in the login box on the website. We suggest that they change these to something more memorable once logged on.

What happens if my child forgets their password or loses their card?
They will need to inform any member of staff who will be able to re-set their password or order a replacement card. Until their new card arrives, they will still be able to access their account by logging on to the website.

In addition to Vivos, students can still achieve the following awards:

  • Achiever of the Month
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Postcards of Praise
  • Badges for Representing School