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Childwall Sports and Science Academy is committed to providing quality Careers Information and Guidance. (CIAG)


Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers education in Years 7-13 and to give students access to careers education information, advice education and guidance.

Childwall Sports & Science Academy are committed to follow the government’s new Careers Strategy (published January 2018) and aim meet the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020 as per the guidance.  We will use the Compass Audit tool to evaluate our programme’s impact and measure our progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks. The school has become part of the Liverpool City Region Careers Hub and will work alongside The CEC to deliver a high quality careers programme for all pupils.

Gatsby Benchmarks

  1. A stable careers programme
    2. Learning from career and labour market information
    3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
    4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
    5. Encounters with employers and employees
    6. Experiences of workplaces
    7. Encounters with further and higher education
    8. Personal guidance


Commitment & Development

Childwall Sports & Science Academy is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education for all students in Years 7-13 and information, advice and guidance in partnership with the Lydiate Learning Trust and external providers/professionals. We aim to ensure that our students emerge from school with knowledge and character attributes to make informed and realistic decisions whilst maintaining high aspirations.  This will be reviewed on an annual basis.


At Childwall Sports & Science Academy our careers’ mission statement aims for all students to:-

  • Have high aspirations for their future, be inspired, motivated and not be limited by their socio-economic background or traditional career choices.
  • Have a clear awareness of all career pathways so that they are able to make informed choices that are appropriate to their ability and successfully enter Education, Employment or Training (EET)
  • Make links between the relevance of the curriculum and the world of work.
  • Have access to high quality one to one careers advice and guidance from a qualified independent careers adviser.
  • Develop skills and character attributes required Post 16 and for the world of work.


Aims and Objectives


To help students develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and to manage the transitions from one stage of their education, training and work to the next.


  • To ensure that students develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success in adult and working life
  • To make students aware of the range of opportunities which are realistically available to them in continued education and training at 14+, 16+ and 18+
  • To equip students with the necessary decision-making skills to manage those same transitions
  • To develop in students an awareness of the wide variety of education, training and careers opportunities locally, nationally and internationally
  • To encourage students to make good use of the paper-based, virtual and staff resources available to them, in order that they can make informed and appropriate choices throughout their learning journey
  • To foster links between the school, local businesses and further/higher education establishments.
  • To ensure there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access registered students during the relevant phase of their education, for the purpose of informing them about approved technical education qualifications or apprenticeships (the Baker Clause, 2nd January 2018).

Invitations are issued to all local providers inviting them annually to Year 11 parents evening, Sixth for Open Evening and any further appropriate events run by the school. If the provider cannot attend, then they are welcomed to deliver information in the form of leaflets to be handed out by an alternative body.  This is recorded and monitored on school systems.


  • o Requests for access will be directed to the Careers Leader and appropriate times agreed, where all students will be able to access the provider. In most cases this will be a whole year group assembly
  • o To enable students to experience the world of work and develop transferable skills, for example; independence; resilience; personal learning and thinking skills
  • o To ensure that wherever possible, all young people leave the school to enter employment, further education or training
  • o To maintain a culture of high aspirations
  • o To promote equality of opportunity, embrace diversity, challenge stereotypes and ensure all students who require any extra assistance and guidance to reach their potential, such as SEN students or students eligible for pupil premium.


Students’ needs & entitlement

  • To ensure the career development, wellbeing & progression of all students
  • To provide CEIAG that is relevant, timely and sufficient to meet students’ needs and integrated into their while curriculum.
  • To provide CEIAG in partnership with students themselves, their parents/carers ad our chosen professional & Community partners,



The school guarantees impartial and independent advice via an independent Careers Adviser, employed by Career Connect, who attends school 1 day a week. Appointments can be through student referral, tutor referral and parent referral. Maintained schools are obliged to provide independent careers advice as outlined in section 29 of the Education Act 2011. Independent Careers guidance must:

  • Be presented in an impartial manner
  • Feature information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways
  • Promote the best interests of the students to whom it is given
  • Access for all students and staff to ‘Fast Tomato’ website and other appropriate sources of guidance
  • Promoting the National Careers Service Website and Helpline
  • Promotion of independent websites relevant to all career needs, from choosing a university or apprenticeship to pursuing a career
  • Access to relevant external speakers offering independent sources of information including local and national employers, representatives from professional bodies and organisations including, representatives of higher education establishments and former students, who are a valuable resource.

There is a senior leader with responsibility for Careers and Enterprise education. College and University prospectuses are current and visual displays on the notice boards are kept current in both the Main and Sixth Form libraries/areas. The careers library can be accessed by students before school, during break and lunch times and after school.



Every student at Childwall Sports and Science Academy is entitled to a thorough, personalised and aspirational programme of careers events throughout their time at the school. They are given support to whichever route they choose, whether this occurs at the end of KS4 or the end of KS5.


Leadership & Management

The following members of staff will have responsibility for ensuring this policy is adhered to.  Specific roles are as follows:

Joanna Wilde - Careers Leader

Clare Payne - Careers Information Advice and Guidance KS5

The link Governor responsible for monitoring the CEIAG provision is Sharon Marsh.

The Careers Leader is responsible for the planning, co-ordination, implementation and management of the CEIAG programme; networking with external partners, including employers; coordinating the contributions of subject teachers, tutors and SENCO; oversees the work carried out by the Careers Administrator.  A budget is allocated to CEIAG, which includes external provision for Personal Guidance interview through Career Connect. 


Links with the Governing Body

There is a named link Governor responsible for Careers and Enterprise education.  All changes to the Careers Policy are approved by the school Governing Body and they are regularly informed about the progress of the careers programme via visits to the school and reports/presentations delivered by the Careers Coordinator.




All staff will be expected to contribute to CEG delivery through their roles as tutors, subject teachers and support staff.  Specialist Careers Education will be delivered by specific members of staff or bought in from external partners.  The CEG programme will be planned, monitored and evaluated by the Careers Lead and supported by the Careers Co-ordinator.



The CEIAG programme is greatly enhanced through links with several partners who ensure the students’ learning is up to date and relevant. We strive constantly to expand and improve links with employers and other local groups, including the Careers and Enterprise Company’s Enterprise Adviser Network.

Parental involvement is encouraged at all stages. Childwall Sports and Science Academy recognises that parents/carers remain the biggest influence on a young person’s career choices and as such we offer parents help and guidance at critical stages in the students’ time with us; for example, in Year 9 with KS4 options decisions, Year 11 with 16+ choices and Years 12 and 13 with UCAS and other applications. Parents also have the opportunity to speak to the Careers Coordinator by phone, by appointment or at any Year 9 to 13 parental consultation events. We also have a dedicated section for parents on our school website on Careers, Employability and Enterprise. The school also provides signposting to the National Careers Service.



Funding is allocated in the annual budget planning round and the level of funding is related to the whole school priorities and particular needs in the CEIAG area.  The Careers Lead is responsible for the effective deployment of resources.


Staff Development

The CPD at the School makes every effort to meet training needs within an agreed period of time. The annual CEIAG improvement plan is connected to the School Improvement Plan and takes account of the CEC’s Careers and Enterprise Strategic Plan. It is reviewed termly by the Careers Coordinator and annually by the Senior Leadership Team.  The Quality in Careers Standard Award also helps to identify desirable improvements. Staff training needs are identified in conjunction with the Assistant Head.  As part of the LCR Careers Hub the Careers Lead is currently undertaking a Level 6 qualification.


Monitoring, Review & Evaluation

This plan will be monitored and reviewed on a termly basis in line with the new Careers Strategy and the Gatsby Benchmarks as a requirement of the Careers Hub Memorandum of Understanding.

A report will be published on an annual basis, including an account of activities, a review of progress and an evaluation of pupil responses to provision. This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the whole-school self-assessment process, informing the COMPASS SEF and will be reviewed by the Governors. Parents are welcome to give feedback on any aspect of the CEIAG programme to the Careers Coordinator, via the school website. Student voice activities are conducted with students from various year groups at least once a year.



Target Group

Careers &work related education activities

Year 7



Meet the employer – Career Connect

Careers Fair and form time preparation


Year 8



Meet the employer – Career Connect

Careers Fair and form time preparation

Changing horizons event


Year 9



Careers Fair and form time preparation

Campus Visit

Guided choices

KS4 options 

Enterprise day – Elevate


Year 10



Careers Fair and form time preparation

Campus visit

Learn to Earn


Year 11



1 to 1 with Career connect

Careers Fair and form time preparation

Academic mentoring

Study skills



Year 12



1 to 1 with Career connect

Careers Fair and form time preparation

UCAS convention

Edge Hill and LJMU visits

IAG sessions x 1 per fortnight

Work experience

Making the most of work experience

UCAS applications

Get the most out of open days


Year 13



1 to 1 with Career connect

Careers Fair and form time preparation

IAG sessions x 2 per fortnight

Academic Mentoring

Interview skills

Degree apprenticeship event



Miss J Wilde
Careers Lead Years 7-13
Tel: 0151 722 1561 

Mrs C Payne
Sixth Form CIAG Coordinator
Tel: 0151 737 4958